Document File Generator

Document File Generator  Google add on allows you to create custom templates for your Google sheet, Google Doc, and Google Slide files and generate them into PDF’s, Google Documents or Microsoft Office Documents
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How To Get Started

  1. Install add on Google
  2. Open Google Sheets™, Click Extensions ->Document File Generator->Start
  3. In Add-on configuration choose a Template Type (Google Docs™, Google Sheets™, or Google Slides™)
  4. Select Template File or click on “New” button to create a new template. You can choose a file in “select” box. When you click on “New” it will take you to another page, where you can configure of how you want your file to look like when generated.
  5.  Select Generate File Type (Google docs, Pdf and etc..) 
  6. Add a name to your Generated File . You can add file template use sheet fields name.
  7. Select File Save Folder. You can use one in the “select” box to find the folder. Document File Generator will automatically store your file data in Google Drive. You can click “Create a new Folder” to create a folder.
  8. Add new rows in Google Sheet document for Generated files. The first row is for fields name for template. The file will start with second row. 
  9.  To Generate files click “Generates File”. A progress bar will show how many files have been generated