GPT Plus Google Docs™

ChatGPT in Google Docs enables you to produce texts based on your ideas or proposals.
GPT plus Google Docs | GPT for Google Docs | ChatGPT | GPT-3
Some potential uses for GPT in Google Docs include creating article summaries, composing emails, generating social media content, and writing reports. With the aid of GPT for Documents, you can quickly create an outline, saving you valuable time and allowing you to concentrate on creating an engaging and exciting story.


  • Summarize
  • Fix Grammar and spelling
  • Writing emails or blog posts
  • Change the tone to
  • Add your custom prompt
  • Translate to languages.
  • List action history and request info
  •  Restore response from history
  • Change Temperature setting
  • Add Max response tokens
  • Select the settings option
  • Insert the response to the end document
  • Select the settings option
  • Copy the response to Clipboard
  • Add user Api Key
  • Select OpenAI GPT-3 Models

Write Better Emails

GPT Plus Google Docs can also be used to write messages for coworkers, or family members.