We designed many Google add ons which you can download through the Google Marketplace. They were designed to help you save your time, and help you do your work more efficiently 


Form Choice Limiter

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1,600,000+ users
Rating: 4.7 150+ votes

Google Form Choice Limit | Choice Remove | Choice Eliminate Google add on lets you add limits to choice options to Google Form Multiple Choice, Checkboxes and Dropdowns.


Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™

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100,000+ users
Rating: 4.2 10+ votes

 The best Google Forms™ app for limiting response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns.The answer choice gets crossed out on the Google Forms™ when the limit is reached. 

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Form Response Limit

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62,000+ users
Rating: 4.7 10+ votes

Form Response Limit google add on allows you to add limits to your form’s responses, and allows you to control when you can enable or disable your Google Form™ based on the date and time

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Form Field Limit

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70,000+ users
Rating: 3.9 10+ votes

Form Field Limiter | Remove | Eliminate Google add on allows you to add limits to paragraphs, short answers, dates, multiple choices, checkbox options, dropdowns, linear scales, times, and more in your Google Form™


EWD Mail Merge

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18,000+ users
Rating: 5.0 10+ votes

EWD Mail Merge Google add on allows you to easily send personalized emails using Google Slides™, Docs™, and Google Spreadsheet™

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Function By Color

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2,000+ users

The custom function for Google Sheets™ calculates the sum, count, max, min, average, and other colored cells with the same background and text color.


Document File Generator

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1000+ users
Rating: 5.0 7+ votes

Document File Generator Google add on allows you to generate Google Sheet™, Google Doc™, and Google Slide™ files into PDFs, Google Docs™ or Microsoft Office documents

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  2. Integrate with Google services like Calendar, Drive, Form and Slide.
  3. Connect to external APIs to retrieve data or automate processes
  4. Create custom add-ons and publish them in the G Suite Marketplace.
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