We designed many Google add-ons, including OpenAI Chat GPT 3.5 turbo, ChatGpt 4, ChatGpt 4-turbo, DALL E, and other models, which you can download through the Google Marketplace. These add-ons were designed to help you save time and work more efficiently in your daily tasks.

Form Choice Limiter Limit | Choice eliminator 2
Form Choice Limiter

2M+ users | 4.7 Rating

Form Choice Limiter is a Google Forms™ app for adding limits when making an appointment form, event registration form, sign up form, or survey using google forms. App limit response counts for multiple choice, checkboxes, and dropdown question options.

Download here: Google Workspace Marketplace badge
GPT plus Google Docs | GPT for Google Docs | ChatGPT | GPT-3
GPT Plus Google Docs™

700K+ users | 4.9 Rating

ChatGPT Google Docs enables you to produce texts based on your ideas or proposals.  Some potential uses for GPT Google Docs include creating article summaries, composing emails, create image, generating social media content, and writing reports.

GPT plus Google Docs | GPT for Google Docs | ChatGPT | GPT-3
Form Quiz Timer

6K+ users | 5.0 Rating

The Form Quiz Timer is a key Google Forms™ quiz tool, ideal for tests with time restrictions, student assessments, surveys, and skill evaluations. Features include customizable durations, scheduled timings, limited attempts, custom messages, QR code sharing, and auto-management. It’s user-friendly for both educational and professional settings.

Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ | Choice Eliminator 2 | Choice removal
Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™

800K+ users | 4.8 Rating

 The best Google Forms™ app for limiting response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns.The answer choice gets crossed out on the Google Forms™ when the limit is reached. THE FORM ELIMINATOR NOT WORKING WITH THE PRIVATE FORM. 

GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™ | OPENAI | GPT for Forms™
GPT Quiz Generator for Forms™

300K+ users | 4.9 Rating

This app is incredibly easy to use for generating quiz questions. All you need to do is enter your text article and click the Generate Questions button. Then, GPT OpenAI will generate questions using your text article and add to Google Forms™.
Form Limit Timer

31K+ users | 5.0 Rating

Form Limit Timer for Google Forms lets you set form start datetime, limit response count, and end datetime. Streamline data collection for events and surveys, ensuring timely responses. Experience enhanced form management with Form Limit Timer.
GPT for Slides™ Builder

20k+ users | 5.0 Rating

Experience a revolution in presentations with GPT for Slides Builder. Harness AI to dynamically create images and content in your slides in just one minute. Transform your ideas into visual masterpieces effortlessly.

Form Response Limit| Form Schedule | Form timer
Form Response Limit

300K+ users | 4.9 Rating

Form Response Limit google add on allows you to add limits to your form’s responses, and allows you to control when you can enable or disable your Google Form™ based on the date and time

Function By Color
Function By Color

165K+ users

The custom function for Google Sheets™ calculates the sum, count, max, min, average, and other colored cells with the same background and text color. Google add ons

Function By Color
Form Field Limit | Field Limit | Field removal
Form Field Limit

200K+ users | 4.8 Rating

Form Field Limiter Google add on allows you to add limits to paragraphs, short answers, dates, multiple choices, checkbox options, dropdowns, linear scales, times, and more in your Google Form™

Form Field Limit, Field Limit, Field removal

Do you want your custom app script?

We can create a custom app script for you to extend Google’s G Suite products like Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail.

    We can:

  1. Add Custom menus, dialogues, and sidebars to G Suite products.
  2. Integrate with Google services like Calendar, Drive, Form and Slide.
  3. Connect to external APIs to retrieve data or automate processes
  4. Create custom add-ons and publish them in the G Suite Marketplace.
  5. Integrate OpenAI Chat GPT 3.5 turbo, ChatGpt 4, ChatGpt 4-32k, DALL E, and other models.
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