Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™

Best Google Forms™ app for limiting response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns.

Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™| Choice Eliminator 2 | Choice removal

 The answer choice gets crossed out on the Google Forms™ when the limit is reached. Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ is perfect for sorting out dates like a doctor’s appointment if you want to organize a consultation-hour for your students. In this case you could use a dropdown or a multiple choice question and so offer different time slots for them. You can then use our addon to eliminate options.  

You can decide between:

1) a generic limit: in this case each timeslot will be limited by the same number of responses. E.g. if you choose the limit 3, the addon will eliminate option by option after each one has reached its limit. In addition, you can choose option 

2) an individual limit for your appointment slots. In this case the addon will remove choice by choice as soon as the individual limit has been reached.


  • Set as many limits as you want for choice options
  • Get an Email notification when the limit is reached
  • View how many responses had been made for options
  • Allow for unlimited responses in your Google Forms
  • Open Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ Configuration Config in Full Screen
  • Custom final choice text
  •  Apply custom limit for all choices at one click
  • Unlock reached “Limit” option and increase limit.
  • Schedule a restore form
      • Every hour.
      • Every week.
      • Every month.
      • Specific Date and time.

Difference between Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ and Form Choice Limiter

  1. If several users select the same choice and submit the form at the same time you can get 2 responses. For example, your choice limit is 5 and users submit the form choice 4 times. After 2 users submit the choice once, the count in the form will calculate 6 responses but you will set a limit of 5. The Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ will not let 2 users to submit the form at the same time. Before submitting with the Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ app, check if the option has a limit, if yes then submit.
  2. The Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ show all choices in the form, even the ones that are crossed out. If the choice reached the limit, it gets crossed out and is disabled. 
  3. Form Choice Limiter will delete the option once it reaches its limit. Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ will cross out and disable the option if it reaches its limit
  4.  When you save the configuration, the Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ synchronizes Google Forms™ responses and configuration responses. For example, you delete one response in Google Forms™ and click to save configuration, Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ will remove this response in the configuration.
  5. The Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ can delete all responses in the Google Forms™ . Please be careful, if you click on the “Reset” button all response data will be deleted and you never will recover it.
      1. Allow response editing. The responses can be changed after being submitted.
      2. Restrict users in (your organization name) and its trusted organizations.
      3. limit to 1 reSponses. The Respondents will be required to sign in to Google. YOU CAN ENABLE THIS SETTINGS ON THE ADD-ON CONFIGURATION.



How To Use Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™

1. Create a Google Forms™ where you want to add limits. 

Desktop Screenshot 2022.12.10 - (2)

2. Click on the Puzzle Piece and click on “Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™”

Desktop Screenshot 2022.12.14 - (1)

3. Then click “Configure”

4. A tab will appear on the right which is where you will be configuring your Google Forms™


5. Important Note: When trying to preview your Google Forms™, DON’T use the preview on the top right, instead use the preview button in the configuration or use the link. You can also go full screen by clicking on the “Go full screen” button at the bottom.

6. Click on the “Choices Limit” Tab to open all of your options, and start adding limits by click on the empty box next to the option

7. If you want to set the same limit to all options, you can type a number limit in the “One click apply limit for all choices” box 

8. By clicking on “Additional Settings” and checking the “Notify me when choice limit is reached” box you can add your email address to receive an email whenever one of your options reach their limit.

9. You can also Schedule when you want your google form to restore and activate by checking the “Schedule restore form” and selecting a date for activation and the date for deactivation. Please note: The scheduling will reset your form after it reaches its deactivation time and you won’t be able to recover your old responses

10. Once you are done configuring your google form, click “Save” to save your changes. After you do that a small window will popup which is where you can access the link, and can preview your Google Forms™, and you can also do that at the top of the configuration tab.

11. In order to check how many responses there have been made, click “Refresh” in order to refresh the response count for your options

12. In order to reset your responses, click “Reset”. A window will popup asking if you want to delete all your responses, click “yes”. Please be careful, if you click on the “Reset” button all response data will be deleted and you never will recover it.