Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™

Choice Eliminator is a useful Google Forms add-on that limits response counts for multiple choices, checkboxes, and dropdowns in your form.

Discovering Choice Eliminator:

First and foremost, when the response limit is reached, the answer choice gets crossed out in Google Forms™. This powerful tool is perfect for time-sensitive assignments, events with limited seating, or any first-come, first-served signup scenarios.


Secondly, this Google add-on provides several advantages that can help you better manage your form schedules and optimize your data collection process:

  1. Control the number of  choice responses: When the choice response limit is reached, the answer choice gets crossed out in Google Forms™. This ensures that you don’t exceed your capacity for events or classes with limited spots available.


  • Set as many limits as you want for choice options
  • Get an Email notification when the limit is reached
  • View how many responses had been made for options
  • Allow for unlimited responses in your Google Forms™
  • Open Configuration Config in Full Screen
  • Custom final choice text
  •  Apply custom limit for all choices at one click
  • Unlock reached “Limit” option and increase limit.
  • Show Limit/Response Count for choices.
  • Schedule a restore form
      • Every hour.
      • Every week.
      • Every month.
      • Specific Date and time.

Difference between Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ and Form Choice Limiter

  1. Only one user can select a particular choice. Therefore, the Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ eliminates any possibility of duplicate responses. Furthermore, it streamlines the data collection process by preventing any confusion or errors. 
  2. The Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ show all choices in the form, even the ones that are crossed out. If the choice reached the limit, it gets crossed out and is disabled. 
  3. Form Choice Limiter will delete the option once it reaches its limit.
  4.  When you save the configuration, the Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ synchronizes Google Forms™ responses and configuration responses. 
  5. The Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ can delete all responses in the Google Forms™ . Please be careful, if you click on the “Reset” button all response data will be deleted and you never will recover it.
      1. Allow response editing. The responses can be changed after being submitted.
      2. Restrict users in (your organization name) and its trusted organizations.
      3. limit to 1 reSponses. The Respondents will be required to sign in to Google. YOU CAN ENABLE THIS SETTINGS ON THE ADD-ON CONFIGURATION.
Form Choice Eliminator VS Choice Eliminator

The “Show Limit/Response Count for choices” is a unique feature of the Form Choice Eliminator add-on for Google Forms. This tool enhances capacity management for various options in your forms and displays the Limit/Response count for choices.

Within the Choice Eliminator add-on, this distinctive feature enables the form creator to set a maximum selection count for each option in multiple-choice, drop-down, or checkbox type questions. This is particularly useful in event registration or surveys, where limited availability or balanced feedback is crucial.

Once an option’s limit is reached, the Choice Eliminator crosses it out in the form, preventing further selections. It diligently tracks and adjusts availability based on response counts.

For example, when organizing a workshop with different sessions each having limited slots, these limits can be set using the Choice Eliminator. Once slots for a session are filled, that option is crossed out, effectively avoiding overbooking.

The “Show Limit/Response Count for choices” feature in the Choice Eliminator add-on is a simple, effective way to automate and manage choice availability based on real-time responses, enhancing the efficiency of your Google Forms.