Form Field Limit Google add on

Form Field Limit Google add on allows you to add limits to multiple choice options, checkbox options, dropdowns, multiple choice grids, checkbox grids, paragraphs, short answers, linear scales, dates, and times in your Google Form™. You can also set individual limits for each field that have multiple choices.

Our app is now available from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Google Workspace Marketplace badge


  • Set response limits to all form fields.
  • Set individual limits for each multi choice option field.
  • Allow unlimited responses by keeping the limit empty.
  • Shows response counts for multi choice options and form fields.
  • Send an email notification when the response count reaches it’s limit

         Please note:

  1. If multiple choice option label is changed, then the limit set previously will be reset. In this case please set the limit again if it is required.
  2. If multiple people fill in the form at the same time, it’s still possible that someone will pick a choice that has already been picked.