September 2023

Best Google apps for Google Slides

Discover the finest Google apps that seamlessly enhance your Google Slides experience, unlocking a world of creativity, productivity, and visual excellence for your presentations. GPT for Slides™ Builder 10k+ users/ 4.6 stars Revolutionize your slides with this AI-powered add-on, turning ideas into captivating visuals with ease! GPT for Slides™ Builder is your go-to for transforming …

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Best Google apps for Google Docs

GPT plus Google Docs™ Elevate your Docs with OpenAI’s ChatGPT integration. Get AI-powered translations, content, editing, summarizations, and even DALL-E’s image generation, all within Google Docs™. Harness the prowess of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo to ChatGpt 4-32k models effortlessly! Learn More Download here: MathType MathType is your go-to formula editor for Google Docs & Slides, allowing …

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GPT for Slides™ Builder

Welcome to a new era of creating presentations—powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Say goodbye to endless hours spent on slide design, layout planning, and content organization. GPT for Slides™ Builder is here to turn your raw ideas into visually captivating presentations in just a few clicks. Let’s dive in to find out why this Google …

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