How to count colored cells in Google Sheets?

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through an endless sea of data in Google Sheets™, wishing you could instantly calculate the sum or average of cells that have a specific background or text color? Perhaps you’ve color-coded certain cells for organizational purposes, but now find it cumbersome to filter or sort them manually for calculations. Enter Function By Color—a groundbreaking Google Sheets add-on that is revolutionizing the way we handle color-coded data.

Function By Color allows you to perform various mathematical operations based solely on the color of the cells. From summing to counting, from finding the median to identifying the mode, this add-on has you covered.

Key Features

Function By Color enables you to:

  • Identify maximum, minimum, sum, count (numbers), count (text), average, countblank, product, mode, stdev, var, and median values based on cell color.
  • Work on both text and background colors.
  • Provide results in a specific cell, optionally matching the target cell’s text and fill color.

Easy Steps to Use Function By Color in Google Sheets™

Step 1: Install. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and add Function by Color.
Step 2: Open Sheet. Open your Google Sheet.
Step 3: Activate Add-On. Click Extensions > Function by Color > Start.
Step 4: Sidebar Appears. A sidebar will show up on the right.
Step 5: Select Cells. Click “Select Range” and pick your cells (e.g., C3:C12).
Step 6: Pick Color. Choose a cell with the color you want or pick it manually.
Step 7: Choose Function. Select what calculation to perform (e.g., SUM).
Step 8: Result Cell. Pick where the result will show (e.g., F8).
Step 9: Optional Settings. Check the box to match the result cell color (optional).
Step 10: Calculate. Click “Apply Function.”
Function By Color

That’s it! You’ve now done color-based calculations easily.

Function By Color is a robust, user-friendly tool designed to make your Google Sheets™ experience smoother and more efficient. It’s ideal for those who often work with color-coded data and wish to perform quick calculations without manually filtering or sorting cells. Get Function By Color today and discover how simple and convenient color-based calculations can be!